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Alcohol + Silicon = Coma [Apr. 17th, 2006|08:01 pm]
Anime Big Brother
Chii's eyes flickered open as her internal system stuttered back to life. All those cocktails with Ed had certainly taken their toll on a robotic body. It had taken more than a week for her insides to remove all traces from her system, but now she was wide awake with nothing so much as a hangover.
Blinking memories back, she sat up in the bed Edward had left her in. She turned and got out of the bed, walked into the kitchen, and started clearing up any mess she could find.
Chii would have been an excellent house-keeping persocom.
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Ed makes a treat for all [Mar. 27th, 2006|08:38 pm]
Anime Big Brother
It had been a difficult few days for the alchemist. First a fight in which he had knocked Haru senseless and then getting into hot water with a slightly mad persocom which had resulted in Ed finally snapping his handcuffs.
He felt bad about most of the week really and so decided to try and smooth things over with everyone. After all he had promised Haru.

So one afternoon he grabbed a large mixing bowl and some stale bread and a few sprouting potatoes that were hanging around. He clapped his hands and a sharp tangy small permeated the house.

The bowl was now full with some sort of alcoholic grain spirit. Ed took a glass and filled it with the clear, slightly viscose liquid. He knocked it back without thinking and chocked. When he could breathe again Ed started to laugh. He had unintentionally made premium triple distilled vodka.

"Anyone want some of this?" Ed called out, filling another glass and sipping this one much more carefully. "Damn I’m good," he thought to himself.
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A long winded apology post... [Mar. 24th, 2006|08:13 pm]
Anime Big Brother
I would like to appologise for myself and Moderator #2's general lack of participation in the community. Unfortunatly we are not all that bright at planning ahead - put basically we are now drowning in coursework for our A2's (me more than her but whose that picky "innocent look")

Basically we put this community together with very little forthough and are now paying the price. It seems those who are participating are still posting well (we praise you and punish ourselves) but this is why we are both continuously missing out of the general make-up of the community and are being about as useful as ice cubes...

Also, though I am generally around more I am by no means technical - and therfore just sit around and panic about all the things like the 'secret' voting thing... So until we are free to do some of these things we ask you to be patient... or you can bitch at moderator #2, as long as it's not me I don't mind...

Moderator #1

- Oh, and feel free to post more 'starter' posts, and use and abuse our seemingly useless characters to your hearts content...
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Breaking Loose - Shuichi [Mar. 20th, 2006|09:32 am]
Anime Big Brother
Shuichi, who'd been feeling pretty out of it for the last few days (he blamed it on eating his own cooking) gave a stretch in bed as he rolled over onto the ninja beside him.
It was apparent, by now, that the eviction this week had been postponed, maybe because Kyo bolted, who knew? Either way, he was still attached to the other man and he'd pretty much reached his peak of tolerance... Unluckily he was very unlikely to be able to break the bond unaided - unless...
Jumping to a standing position, and immediately falling to the ground as a consequence of still being 'attached' he pulled his bag from underneath the bed and began to fiddle around inside looking for K's 'emergency situation' packet.
So, a few minutes later, (well more like an hour but who was counting?) as the chains gave a small 'cluck' and came loose from his arm, Shuichi pumped a fist into the air and hollered "K is a genius!" just in case his manager was watching.
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Here be fight [Mar. 19th, 2006|08:15 pm]
Anime Big Brother

Apologies for starting a new thread but the old one was getting slightly crowded:

Haru Vs Ed continuedCollapse )</lj-cut
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Next morning... [Mar. 14th, 2006|11:03 am]
Anime Big Brother

Kyo woke early. Like 3am early. This was not due to an alarm, but because he'd planned it. Looking over at Chii, he noted that the anadroid was on stand by mode or whatever she did at night. And then he looked at the handcuffs. And snapped the chain.

"Sorry guys," he mumbled, standing up and pulling a sheet of writing paper from under his bed. He cast a final glance over it before dropping it onto the centre of his bed. A second copy he left on the table in the main room as he walked out the side door leading to the garden, thankful that they didn't lock the damned things.

Once in the garden, Kyo looked round furtivly, know the cameras were filming his every move, but praying the angels were away from their stations. Then he ran over to the fence, clambered his way to the top, and soon dropped out of sight, and plodded away from the Big Brother house.

When the others awoke, they'd find the letter, telling them-

'Heya- this is Kyo. I couldn't do it. It's not that I hated you all- hell, I hardly talked to some of you- but I just didn't feel I was fitting in. I think I was out this week anyway, so I may as well have some drama with it. Sorry if I've messed up the challenge for you guys. I'll be watching you back at home, and I'll come back for the final eviction. Feel free to beat me up then *laughs*. Ciao, Kyo.'

They'd be pigged off. He just hoped he'd make it home in time to watch the reactions from the comfort of his own bed.
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2006|08:56 pm]
Anime Big Brother

There's something to be said for this handcuff business, Haru thought as he looked around the quiet room, it certainly keeps you warm at night. The angel sleeping next to him practically radiated heat, it was one of the things that had woken him up at – he checked the glow-in-the-dark numbers on his digital watch – 4am. The not-so-quiet sleeping habits of some of his housemates had also contributed.

He glanced at the now familiar faces with something approaching fondness. Kakashi and Suichi seemed to be particularly comfortable; the singer lay close against ninja’s side. Haru smiled sympathetically, the pink-haired boy had had a particularly hard time of it these last few days, it was not surprising he was tired. Ed and Gojyo also seemed fairly cuddly, which presented quite a nice little picture…

Haru grinned to himself and lay back down; he still had a few hours of sleep left before that god-awful alarm bell went off again…
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The Double Eviction [Mar. 6th, 2006|07:34 pm]
Anime Big Brother
Alexis looked down at the nomination paper in his hand with mixed emotion. It seemed a little anticlimactic to him to have these two evicted... It wasn't as if they'd made no effort to participate what so ever.

Alexis hoped the remaining contestants wouldn't disappoint as much...

"I'm afraid the two people to be evicted from the anime_bigbro house are,” and for no real known reason a large pause followed, “Vegita and Rin.”

After the murmuring from the audience dulled a little Alexis continued, “But since they seemed to have got wind of this, and therefore gone missing..." at this point he gave a rather pleased smile, obviously thinking of other things, "there will be no mini booing session, or what ever you lovely people like to do. Let that be a warning I suppose to the remaining ones…"

And with that, Alexis gave a small sigh and left the audience blinking a little despondently in his wake. The few ‘comical’ signs they’d held in their hands dropping to the floor as they began to wander away.
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Week 2, Next Day [Mar. 3rd, 2006|04:54 pm]
Anime Big Brother

[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

Haru woke to the slight clinking noises that meant Ed was up and moving. Good, that guy made a fabulous breakfast. Haru yawned, stretched and rolled off the sofa with a startled grunt. He blinked and sat up; apparently he'd fallen asleep in the main room. That was... new.

Shrugging philosophically he stood and made his way towards the kitchen where good breakfasty smells beckoned. Perhaps after eating he would go investigate the swimming pool? The weather was nice and he'd been fairly lax with his exercise lately. Maybe he could get Kyo to race? The cat hated water so that would be... interesting.

Haru walked into the kitchen and smiled at Ed, "Morning."
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Another Update [Mar. 1st, 2006|08:23 pm]
Anime Big Brother
I feel as if I've been moderating on my own lately... "Sigh" That can't be a good thing with my limited computer skill... anyway, that's beside the point.

I have two things to say/report. Firstly, I know I stated it was eviction night tonight, but as of yet we have no idea how this will be carried out (put it down to bad planning on our part). Originally it was going to be a voting poll, but since our college has banned live journal, and I'm awful at computers this will have to be postponed until Moderator #2 returns...

Secondly, the posts so far have been a bit confusing, i.e. our one week equated to about a day. So from now on any new posts are allowed to be made by the housemates, such as ‘night’ post or ‘next day’, just anything interesting to think of. This also stops the need to keep waiting for replies to be made all the time by other housemates. This will hopefully speed things up a bit. Plus in a few days the first task will be set. (I dread it... really I do...)

Oh, and a little extra note to ask those who've yet to post a comment this is getting a bit ridiculous - but to those of us playing 'I hope it's going okay!'.

Moderator #1
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Week Two of Anime Big Brother [Feb. 27th, 2006|09:53 am]
Anime Big Brother
"It begins the second week today. And it already appears some of our housemates are having more fun than others... but of course I won't name any names." The supposedly 'unknown' voice of one of the angels rang eerily around the still and quiet of the sleeping anime_bigbro house.
"So while only some of you are awake to listen, I'll go on to remind you that nominations are scheduled to take place this Wednesday - won't that be fun. So one of you lucky contestants will be seeing m-those gorgeous angels on the outside world again this Friday, I hope you are all prepared."
And with a ‘click’ the house was once again enveloped in silence, bar the snoring of course…
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Additional Character Information [Feb. 22nd, 2006|05:11 pm]
Anime Big Brother
This is at the request of midgetmogget.

In this post please add any additional information about characters or character relationships that may be relevant. E.g. with Shuichi I mentioned he was used to being at gun point, this is because his manager K threatens the band on a daily basis with his gun.

Also add any additional "smuggled in" items that may be obscure unless the anime is known, e.g. Li's Lasin board.

I hope everything is going okay so far.

Moderator #1
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And so it Begins! [Feb. 20th, 2006|07:29 pm]
Anime Big Brother
Alexis clapped his hands together and shouted into the mic above the roar of the crowd, “All twelve of our contestants have entered the house!” He turned to Seiko and pulled the grumpier looking angel over to share the mic with him, “This is going to be exciting; I can practically taste the enthusiasm radiating from you Seiko.”
Alexis turned to face the main camera, giving the viewers at home a wink before continuing, “anime_bigbro contestants, you are live on Cartoon Network, please do not swear.” A few mummers and comments were heard from inside, but were inaudible above the blonde angel taking full advantage of being centre of attention. “The game has now begun,” the shouts from the crowd escalated further, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”
And only the sound of a small click signalled the dying of the contestants’ final connection to the outside world...
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Time is Up [Feb. 9th, 2006|07:15 pm]
Anime Big Brother
Since we issued the former post pained_insanity has still failed to reply to the post. This is just a notice to inform that 'Lain' will be up for immediate eviction and that midgetmogget is now free to enter the house ^^

We apologise to the others for the delay... and since it's half term next week (and everyone may not be able to post regularly) anime_bigbro will be starting the week after half term.

To make it even simpler, here’s the date: Monday 20th Feb.

Thank you

Moderator #1
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The Madness Commences... [Jan. 30th, 2006|11:40 am]
Anime Big Brother
Welcome to anime_bigbro Spring 2006!

Your presenters are Seiko and Alexis from the Moderator’s story on yaoi_angels_rp.

Big Brother reminds the housemates that since posting regularly is important (lest you be kicked out on your arse) you may want to make sure that anime_bigbro is added to your friends list.

Suggestions can be e-mailed to the Moderators.

Note - Moderators are aware this is taking a while, but once all the characters are in the house it will begin to flow normally.


Alexis: “This is so exciting isn’t it? I can barely contain my enthusiasm. I can hear the approach of the first limo. The crowd is in mass hysteria, after all it is rumoured that the lead singer of Bad Luck ‘Shuichi Shindou’ will be first to arrive. Let’s wait and see…”
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Anime_BigBro Artwork [Jan. 8th, 2006|09:28 pm]
Anime Big Brother
I'm currently drawing all the characters who are going into the house, and I'll post them when I've got access to a Scanner (which should be soon)
So far I've got Chii, Shuichi and Edward, but others will be done. I DID only start yesterday, I just thought I'd let everyone know.
If anyone can give me a really good reference for Husui or Vegeta I'd be extremely grateful.

Chii - stage 1.

Eddo - stage 1.

Shuichi - stage 1.

Note the phrase 'Stage 1'. They're NOT complete. Or...all of them. Will update soon, hopefully. ^_^
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